“I highly recommend Russ Nesevich! My husband and I decided to update our Living Will. I can honestly say that there’s no comparison between our original living will and the updated comprehensive binder that was prepared by Russ. The material in the binder was well thought out and it covered all the topics that are important for the remainder of our lives. He took the time to understand our needs, hear our wishes and focus on all the details that were important to us. He even managed to incorporate the religious preferences.

Once Russ completed the will and we came to the office, he took the time to explain the entire binder, sign and notarize all the documents. It was also impressive to see that a USB stick was provided, as part of a binder. I haven’t seen that done before.

He also explained that if we ever wanted to change something it’s very easy to do because there’s no need to redo the entire document. :)”