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About US

At Nesevich Law, we pride ourselves on being driven by you. We listen to what you are trying to accomplish – your concerns and issues – and then work to help you to accomplish YOUR goals, not ours. We create solutions that we are then able to explain to our clients in simple and plain English, not legal-ese.  The majority of our work is done on a flat fee basis, so that you’ll know exactly what you will be charged, and you will never have to pay for things that you don’t need or for asking us questions that you might have. We will spend time learning about you and your situation and work with you to create a real-world plan that will not only ensure that all of your wishes are followed but give you the peace of mind of knowing that you have protected your loved ones in the very best way possible.

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When we’re done with our work, you will have all of your documents signed, notarized, witnessed, and presented in an organized binder. You’ll still have the opportunity to contact us with questions about your plan and changes is circumstances for no additional fee. We’ll reach out to you annually to see if anything has changed and if your plan needs to be updated. You’ll never see a surprise charge, or receive an unexpected bill in the mail.

We take pride in getting to know you, creating a plan that accomplishes your goals, ensuring that you understand that plan, and being there when you need us along the way.

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