An experienced Manalapan Township trust and estates lawyer might help you prepare for a wide variety of issues in all stages of life. When there are uncertainties, a trusts and estates lawyer could fight to protect your rights and best interests while seeking resolution.

Whether you need assistance with estate planning, probate, business succession, or administration of a trust and other concerns, consulting a knowledgeable attorney is a good place to start. A dedicated legal advocate may work with you to create a solution tailored to your needs.

Estate Planning Includes Far More Than Just Wills

Estate planning used to be a term for preparing a will. Trusts and other documents used in modern estate planning were reserved for the very wealthy.

However, now everyone could take advantage of an array of tools designed to meet their goals. A Manalapan Township trust and estates lawyer could:

  • Establish a trust to decrease tax liability
  • Create a power of attorney to enable a loved one to pay bills for another
  • Draft health care directives to specify desires for health care in the future
  • Create a trust to assist family members with special needs
  • Defend or contest the terms of a will
  • Guide an estate through probate
  • Administer a trust or estate
  • Create a plan for business succession

Of course, a trusts and estates lawyer could also craft a will to direct the disposition of property in accordance with wishes. The best way to find out how a trusts and estates attorney might be of assistance is to arrange for a review and consultation to discuss legal options.

Trusts May Serve Numerous Purposes

Many different types of trusts have evolved in recent years to meet many needs. Some clients use irrevocable trusts to transfer assets while reducing tax liability. A trust and estates lawyer in Manalapan may also create a trust to support charities and other causes.

Although trusts have long been a popular way to guide the use of wealth transferred to those who are young, modern trusts might accomplish goals with more precision than in the past. Individuals could establish trusts to provide for the needs of loved ones with special needs without negatively impacting their eligibility for government assistance programs.

Administration and Dispute Resolution

In addition to preparing documents for the future, a Manalapan Township trust and estates lawyer could assist with dispute resolution as well as estate and trust administration. Serving as a trustee or executor is a serious responsibility that could expose someone to personal liability if they fail to understand what is expected or neglect to take advantage of an opportunity.

A trust and estates lawyer could provide guidance and assistance or take a more active role in administration. When problems arise, an experienced attorney could work to resolve conflicts with minimal expense and delay.

Talk to a Manalapan Township Trust and Estates Attorney

In order to devise the right solutions to meet your needs, your attorney might take the time to understand what is important to you. A dedicated Manalapan Township trust and estates lawyer could take a comprehensive approach in helping you reach your goals. Whether you are planning for your own future or assisting in the administration of the estate of another, talk to a lawyer now to learn more about your options.