A Guardian provides legal and physical custody of a minor or incapacitated adult. They are generally appointed to ensure that an individual’s health, safety, and general welfare are looked after while protecting their legal rights. A guardian has the legal ability to make decisions for the person they are taking care of.

A Manalapan Township guardianship lawyer could help you establish or defend a guardian relationship. Guardianship is a position of great trust, so if a guardian is abusing their position, there may be a legal way to remedy the situation. An attorney could provide the legal advice and experience necessary to make wise decisions about guardianship.

Guardianship Appointments in Manalapan Township

Appointed guardians are responsible for the individual’s care, including providing clothing, food, and shelter. Another critical function of a guardian is ensuring a person’s medical needs are addressed.

Appointing a guardian may be a good way to minimize concerns about future problems, both financial and medical. Granting power to a guardian could greatly simplify a senior citizen’s life. There are a few different ways a guardian could be appointed.

Private Appointment

If an individual still has the mental capacity to appoint a guardian, they may pursue an appointment through a power of attorney document. Additionally, when guardianship of both a person and their property is sought, proposing a guardian must be done privately. If a relative does not wish to accept the appointment, a third-party appointee may be allowed. An experienced guardianship lawyer in Manalapan Township could help determine which course of action is best depending on the circumstances of each case.


The Bureau of Guardianship Services will provide guardianship services to minors with developmental disabilities. Estate planning and wills may include stipulations about who should be appointed as a guardian of a child or adult with disabilities. After a parent or caretaker passes away, these parties may need a new guardian to take care of their needs. A guardianship lawyer could help ensure that children or disabled adults are given a legal caretaker.

Guardian appointments may be necessary in the event that a person is no longer able to take care of their charge, but in some cases, their inability to act as a caretaker may be temporary. A limited guardianship appointment is suitable for individuals who could make some, but not all, decisions, or are only incapacitated for a finite period. An annual review of the individual’s circumstances could be conducted to determine whether services should be continued, reduced, or if termination of guardianship is necessary.

Making Guardianship Decisions

When it comes to establishing or enforcing a guardianship, hiring a Manalapan Township Guardianship Lawyer may be key. A seasoned trust and estates attorney could help guide you through the legal process of establishing or transferring guardianship and discuss all resources available in your situation. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and start working on your case.