Amy Winn-Dworkin, our Chief Operating Officer, oversees all operations of the firm, enhances our client experience, and assists with overall strategy and growth plans for the firm.

Amy graduated with a BA in Politics and a Minor in Russian Studies from Mount Holyoke College. She began her career as a lobbyist and wrote health care legislation for all 50 state legislatures. She spent time working for elected officials in New Jersey before making a career pivot to serve the Jewish community as a fundraiser in various roles for 12 years.

Amy was drawn to Nesevich Law for its caring and personal approach to clients and the firm’s commitment to community. As a former lobbyist and fundraiser, Amy enjoys helping people understand complicated issues and solving problems.

Amy and her husband Ben are raising three girls, Miranda, Emily, and Samantha. Amy loves to design, create quilts, and can be found working in her garden when the weather is nice.