When you or a loved one requires long-term support to function, finding the resources to pay for it can be difficult. Medicare does not usually cover long-term care, and access to Medicaid is limited based on your financial situation.

Other options include the potential for purchasing a long-term insurance policy directly. However, these options can also be costly. An experienced attorney could assist with making the right decisions regarding your long-term care needs.

What is Long-Term Care?

Long-term care describes various services provided to a person for their personal needs. This differs from medical care, which involves specialized treatment from medical professionals. Someone living with a disability or other chronic illness may need these benefits.

In general, long-term care is assistance with the daily needs of a person who cannot care for themselves entirely. This could include bathing, getting dressed, or using the restroom.

Long-term care can occur in different locations. For example, it is not uncommon for older adults on Medicaid to receive long-term care in their home. However, long-term care is also provided in nursing homes, senior centers, and other locations.

Medicare Does Not Generally Cover Long-Term Care

The unfortunate reality many people in Manalapan Township are not aware of is that Medicare does not usually provide long-term care. This program is important for the health care planning of most older adults, but other arrangements will need to be made for long-term care.

Unlike Medicare, Medicaid does provide for long-term care. In fact, it is the single largest provider of long-term care in the country. However, qualifying for this care is difficult due to the severe income restrictions. A person with substantial monetary assets is unlikely to qualify for Medicaid.

There is also the option of purchasing private long-term insurance. This insurance coverage requires monthly premiums, but they could pay out benefits when the policyholder needs long-term care. These policies vary dramatically, both in terms of cost and coverage.

Medicare Does Provide Home Health Care

While long-term care is usually not an option under Medicare, this program frequently provides home health care. There is an important difference between the two, as home health care is a form of specialized medical care.

A person receiving a home health care benefit from Medicare is provided with the support of a home health nurse or therapist. These benefits cover specialized medical care, but these home health professionals provide personal services as well. These professional services are essentially long-term care.

Of course, not everyone qualifies for home health care benefits. An experienced benefits attorney could provide some answers on who qualifies. In some situations, an attorney in Manalapan Township might be able to dispute the denial of Medicaid or Medicare care benefits by filing an appeal.

Talk to an Attorney About Medicare and Long-Term Care Programs in Manalapan Township

When you have questions about getting the most out of your benefits, a discussion with an attorney could be in your best interest. Instead of navigating the claims process on your own, skilled legal counsel could provide you with the answers you need regarding Medicare and long-term care programs in Manalapan township. Call today to discuss your options.