Establishing a sound long-term care plan can protect you in the future and ensure you have access to the extended care you desire. You may have access through state assistance or private Insurance policies.

Long-term care policies are becoming more affordable and available. Making crucial decisions is an essential part of planning and preparing for the future. Schedule a meeting with an experienced elder law attorney skilled in handling Medicare and long-term care programs in Mount Laurel to learn more.

Supplement Insurance Plans

As people age, long-term care and health insurance tend to become stressful subjects, particularly after retirement. Sadly, that is also when the potential for illness and other health risks increases. Therefore, it is crucial to learn which Medicare and Medicare supplement plans they will need for long-term care in Mount Laurel.

Learning what Medigap covers or will not cover is also essential. While the plan covers copays and deductibles, it will not cover long-term care. Therefore, planning for assisted living, home care, or nursing home coverage is critical.

Medicare Options

The Medicare program can provide long-term, extensive care benefits to qualified individuals. However, people must meet specific guidelines for qualification, including blindness, disabilities, or be 65 or older. They must also meet the financial requirements and cannot afford to pay for long-term care by themselves.

Long Term Care

Extended care is a range of support and services for the individual’s needs, and most services are in addition to healthcare treatments. The services can help with basic day-to-day activities, such as bathing and getting dressed, meals, and other community-based support and services.

An individual may qualify for the benefits through Medicare or purchase private insurance for basic extended care. An attorney skilled with long-term care programs in Mount Laurel can help arrange assets and plan for eligibility under Medicare.

Medicare Income Requirements

The income requirements are subject to change at any time. According to guidance from the New Jersey Department of Human Services, programs are federally funded programs that each state manages for residents. Some benefits include medical and hospital insurance, and there is a potential for Medicare Savings Program enrollment for those who do not qualify under other programs. The maximum income eligibility limits are currently $19,728 in income and $13,630 in assets for married couples and income of $14,580 and assets of $9,090 for single people.

Available Services

Long-term care services available to Mount Laurel residents who qualify for Medicare include:

  • Nursing home care and services
  • Assisted Living
  • Case management
  • Modifications for vehicles and homes
  • Meal delivery
  • Emergency response systems

A lawyer could help a person understand their eligibility and plan for the care they need based on the qualifications.

Meet With a Seasoned Attorney About Mount Laurel Medicare and Long-Term Care Programs

Planning and preparation are crucial whether you need care in your home, community, nursing home, or assisted living facility. There are many available options you may or may not qualify for, and understanding how the programs work is crucial to protect yourself in the future.

Call a compassionate lawyer today to schedule a consultation and go over your options for Medicare and long-term care programs in Mount Laurel. We could go through all your options and help tailor a plan fitting to your unique needs and preferences. While preparing for end-of-life care may not be an enjoyable topic, it can provide you with peace of mind knowing you will not have to make those decisions later.